The BollyAus Network Inc. - COVID-19 Statement

To our BollyAus community,


As you might be aware the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) situation in Australia has worsened over the last 24-48 hours and with this, we unfortunately have had to make the decision to postpone the Competition + associated events. 


Over the last 48 hours, the Executive Board have been in constant crisis meetings to discuss what potential measures we can take to make each event safer for all the participants, board members, other crew and audience members. Each hour we have seen our strategies become redundant as the COVID-19 crisis got worse. Yesterday we also received a number of questions and concerns regarding the safety of hosting our events to 130+ dancers and 450+ audience members, considering the recent upgrade of COVID-19 to a Pandemic level. This afternoon, with the press conference by PM Scott Morrison and the Chief Medical Officer and other Governmental Authorities declaring events >500 attendees be advised to not go on, we have had to make the heart breaking decision to postpone our BollyAus Nationals weekend.


With one of our teams and various board members flying from interstate, and audience members (many of which are participant’s friends and families) being of various ages, and one participant potentially having been in contact with a person with COVID-19, we have had to make this decision to ensure the safety and health of all involved in this show. 


For us as an Executive Board, we have been meeting to organise this event since August 2019 and have spent an enormous amount of time and money to ensure an incredible second year of events for everyone involved. This decision was not easy to make but one that was necessary, but we hope that you all understand that it is coming from a place of wanting our community of incredible dancers and their families/friends safe and healthy and one at the end of the day that we couldn’t ignore, especially with the PM/CMO’s advice from today’s press conference. The risks of holding this event are too much to justify continuing, especially at the risk of people’s lives should anyone fall sick after our events. Unfortunately, a Pandemic is one of those things we couldn’t have prepared for or predicted.


Important details —->> 

All ticket sales will begin to be refunded by Ticketek/NIDA from Monday 16 March. You will be contacted about refunds for the AP and various Naina Batra workshops by The BollyAus Network Inc. 


We thankyou for your love and support during this difficult time and we cannot wait to see your energy and enthusiasm at BollyAus Nationals 2021. Our phone lines are currently overloaded but feel free to email us at with any questions or concerns. 


Keep safe and healthy!




The BollyAus Network Inc.