• Contest stereotypes of Indian dancing, therefore changing perceptions of the art form and the identity of the artists involved

  • Provide an opportunity to showcase and promote talents of the artistic youth community with a focus on current tertiary education students and recent alumni on a high quality and dedicated platform

  • Build a movement that closes the gap through networking between youth artists all over Australia and allows progression of the art form through positive influence

  • Create an positive, influential and evolving circuit within tertiary schooling and independent alumni/youth based dance groups, singers, musicians, producers etc. in Australia

Guiding Principles

  • Form collaborative partnerships with local tertiary education student groups and other similar local and international artistic organisations, that best serves our target population 

  • Facilitate personal and professional growth of the current student population by providing a continuum of lifelong applicable learning experiences through opportunities to be involved not only on the stage, but behind the scenes

  • Provide an extension of these opportunities beyond the student’s time at university/other establishments - by providing the opportunity for involvement of independent (non-tertiary education affiliated) alumni performers on stage and/or as members of the organisational team. This allows for artistic individuals to be able to continue growing their exceptional talents after completion of studies, therefore creating a supportive student and alumni South Asian arts based community.